July 3, 2022

Xbox Live Gold vs. PS Plus: What’s the difference?

Ps Plus On Ps

(Image credit: Divinemercy)

A few years ago, the debate between PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold might have been raging on across the internet. In 2022, though, the two services are nearly identical in what they offer to players: Both services are vital if you play a ton of online games on either the PlayStation or Xbox side, and both give out free games and discounts. For that reason, one is not definitively better than the other. 

Xbox Live Gold vs. PS Plus: Game Pass or Premium?

While Xbox Live Gold doesn’t offer too much that PlayStation Plus doesn’t, it does give players the ability to upgrade their Xbox Live Gold account into an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account. This adds on the Xbox Game Pass service for an extra $5 per month, giving players both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. PlayStation Plus also gives subscribers the option to upgrade their membership to access hundreds of games on demand, not unlike Xbox Game Pass.