August 17, 2022

What is Wi-Fi Direct and how do you use it?

Wi-Fi Direct is a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection between devices that enables faster data transfer than Bluetooth with lower latency than Wi-Fi through a router. You can use it on Android with the Cast Screen feature on certain devices and the Nearby Share file-sharing feature.

Wi-Fi Direct moves data faster with lower latency

Wi-Fi Direct works a lot like a standard Wi-Fi connection except that instead of connecting to a router, it allows devices to connect directly to one another. This will enable you to connect without needing to be within range of a Wi-Fi access point. In addition, this direct connection allows a higher transfer rate and lower latency.

One way this tech has been implemented on Android is with the Nearby Share feature. Nearby Share allows Android devices to send files to one another quickly and securely. This is more important than ever as file sizes grow with 4K and HDR technology, especially for videos.

Sharing on your Android phone, you can select either the Nearby or Nearby Share option. Then, you can enable the feature to be found by the phone sending the file to the receiving device. You can choose whether or not to be seen by everyone or just the people you want to allow. The devices will use Bluetooth to establish a Wi-Fi Direct connection to transfer the file. Some phones will even show the Wi-Fi Direct icon.

Sharing made easy (Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Divinemercy)

You can also send gigabytes of data in just a minute or two. This means you can share your memories with family or friends without losing any quality or waiting for a messaging service to process the video into lower quality. Perhaps the best part about this feature is that any modern Android phone can use it, including the best Android phones. You can even use it to share with Chromebooks.

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