August 8, 2022

There was a time in my life when I was deep into Big Fish Games. Maybe you’re familiar with “BFG,” perhaps you’re not, but in the early 2000s it was a powerhouse of pumping out cheap, low-effort games largely aimed at children (or gamblers). One of their primary exports? Hidden object games. And I played a lot of them. So every now and then, I get a hankerin’ to go back and revisit that obsession, which is how I recently found myself playing June’s Journey.

Falling solidly into the casual games category, hidden object games are considered by many to be scraping the bottom of the mobile game barrel, but you know what? They’re fun. We all loved I Spy books, right? Well, these are just I Spy books in the palm of your hand, and in the case of June’s Journey, you get to solve a salacious mystery at the same time.  By my calculations, that’s a win-win.