August 14, 2022

You likely won’t find better deals on headsets than during Amazon Prime Day. This Razer Opus X headset may not be best suited for PlayStation because it uses a wireless USB connection — and we know PlayStation doesn’t play nice with those, pun intended — but it is a stellar PC headset that’s compatible with other devices that support Bluetooth. Instead of dropping a Benjamin on it, you can get the Razer Opus X for just $80 on Amazon (opens in new tab) right now.

The Razer Opus X is fairly similar to the standard Razer Opus, but the latter model doesn’t feature a low latency mode and uses a hybrid method to offer its active noise cancelation. The Opus X can last 30 hours on a single charge or up to 40 hours if you don’t use ANC. That’s more than enough time to put into your favorite games before needing a charge. 

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