August 14, 2022

What you need to know

  • Google quietly launched a “Switch to Android” app on iOS earlier this year.
  • Initially, support for the app was exclusive to Google’s Pixel smartphones.
  • Google has now expanded support for Switch to Android to devices running Android 12.

Some Android OEMs have their own methods of transferring from one device to another, and Google’s recently launched Switch to Android app is one of them. The app allows iPhone users to easily transition to an Android phone, although it was limited to Google’s own Pixel devices — until now.

On Wednesday, the search giant announced that it is bringing support for the Switch to Android app to all smartphones running Android 12. This means it will be more straightforward to switch to another Android device, whether it’s a Pixel, Samsung, or otherwise. Many of the best Android phones are launching with Android 12 on board, which means you should have no trouble getting things moved over when picking up a new smartphone.