May 25, 2022

Update 1:30pm 5/12: Meta released a second trailer showing off more gameplay, including the next entry in the I Expect You To Die series.

Update 11:30am 5/12: It has come to our attention that some of the footage used in Zuckerberg’s today video is, in fact, recycled footage from Meta’s Connect show last October. That includes what was thought to be a potential December release date for the headset. Corrections have been made to the article below.

What you need to know

  • Mark Zuckerberg teased the upcoming Project Cambria headset, which could be called the Meta Quest Pro when it releases later this year.
  • Zuckerberg showed off the full-color mixed reality passthrough mode, which blends virtual objects with the real world.
  • A previous leak suggested Project Cambria would retail for $799 and have “Chromebook-like” functionality.