June 29, 2022

What you need to know

  • The Google TV app has received a massive redesign.
  • Its bottom navigation bar has been revamped, with the library and watchlist tabs combined into a single hub.
  • Google has also begun to roll out the new Highlights feed, which displays a personalized feed of entertainment news and reviews based on your preferences.

Google has been gradually pushing for the Google TV app to become your go-to destination for discovering new movies and shows as well as managing your watchlist. To that end, the search giant has begun to roll out a new design for the app.

Perhaps the most noteworthy element of the redesign is the new “Highlights” tab, which displays a personalized feed of entertainment news, reviews, and more content based on movies and shows you like. In March, Google unveiled the new tab as part of a broader Android update for various services, including Google Photos, Gboard, live transcription, Google Assistant, and more.