July 5, 2022

The world of gaming is changing, thanks in part to new cloud gaming platforms like Google Stadia. Rather than coming to market with another console or PC competitor, Google employed its powerful cloud-streaming tech to allow anyone with a fast internet connection to play AAA games on their phones, tablets, Chromebooks, Macbooks, and other underpowered devices. While we’re big fans of Stadia, it’s undeniable that the service is going through some serious issues lately.

Stadia: How it works

A presentation of the devices Stadia can run on

(Image credit: Divinemercy)

Stadia is the name of Google’s game streaming service. Similar to NVIDIA GeForce Now and Amazon Luna, it’s a platform that allows you to play video games on virtually any device by streaming games that are hosted on cloud servers. You don’t download any games; instead, you can stream them directly to your devices, so long as your internet is fast enough to support Stadia.