August 8, 2022

What you need to know

  • PlayStation Stars is a new loyalty rewards program from Sony, designed to give bonuses to players spending a lot of time and money on PlayStation. 
  • Some of the rewards will include redeemable games and DLC, as well special “digital collectibles,” including a unique reward for being the first person in a region to get a game’s Platinum Trophy. 
  • Sony says these collectibles are not NFTs. 
  • PlayStation Stars is slated to launch at some point later in 2022.

Sony is introducing new loyalty rewards called PlayStation Stars. These include a wide range of wards, including some “digital collectibles” that will include completely unique or extremely rare items. 

Sony announced (opens in new tab) on Thursday that PlayStation Stars would provide points for a variety of activities, such as playing a particular game in a month, being the first person to earn a Platinum Trophy in a particular region, and more. Overall, it’s a similar structure to Microsoft Rewards, which allows Xbox players to earn points to put towards gift cards and sweepstakes.