August 8, 2022

What you need to know

  • Samsung has introduced a new AI-powered photo editing app.
  • Highlight features include blur and reflection removal, resolution upscaler, and moire pattern removal options.
  • The Galaxy Enhance-X app uses artificial intelligence to enhance your sloppy images.

Samsung’s smartphones already provide a great photography experience, aided in no small way by its Exert RAW camera app. The tech giant is bringing that experience a notch higher with the launch of a new AI-powered photo editing app.

The Galaxy Enhance-X photo editor is now available to download for free via the Galaxy Store (opens in new tab) (via Android Sage (opens in new tab)). Samsung describes the app as a “one stop AI solution for all media enhancements,” allowing you to clean up your messy photos in just a tap with a slew of AI-powered editing tools.

One of the most notable features is blur removal, which allows you to fix unwanted blur. You can also remove reflections, which is already available on Samsung’s Gallery app ⁠— ideal for restoring old family photos. In addition, there are options to upscale an image, lighten up underexposed photos, sharpen soft images, improve HDR effect, and eliminate moire patterns.

(Image credit: Galaxy Store)

It should be noted that many of these editing tools are already found in the Gallery app as well as third-party photo editors like Google Photos and Adobe Lightroom for mobile. If you’re worried about losing your original image after making these changes, Galaxy Enhance-X saves both your edited and original photo.