July 1, 2022

Of all the phones that came out in 2021, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 was my favorite. It took the Z Fold 2’s design and added water resistance, S Pen support, better built-in screen protectors, and a better outer display with a higher refresh rate. But foldables are still a pretty new concept and, as such, there are plenty of things to improve.

Surprisingly, most of the things I want to see improved from the Galaxy Z Fold 3 are not hardware-related changes — although there are still a few improvements I’d love to see. Mostly, though, it’s the software that I want to see improved and refined. Android 12L was made with foldables in mind and I expect those improvements to carry on to foldables that debut in 2022, like the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Flattening the crease

(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Divinemercy)

Yes, I did say I mostly wanted software changes for the fourth iteration of the Z Fold series, but my primary request revolves around that’s right in the middle of the large inner screen.