June 29, 2022

From brand new controller designs to higher-fidelity visuals, there’s a lot to get excited about with PS5 VR. PlayStation VR on the PS4 has been a success story in some very real ways, and Sony plans to continue that trend on the PS5. With over 5 million units sold and a steady library of games, Sony proved that VR gaming could be successful as an add-on to an already successful console. Sony has confirmed that the PS VR2 will be a PS5-exclusive release and reports indicate that it could be debuting in 2022 with some exciting new technologies in tow.

If you’ve ever played or owned an original PSVR, you’ll know that, while it’s a great overall experience, there are certainly some improvements that can be made. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan says Sony is focused on making PS5 VR “the ultimate entertainment experience with dramatic leaps in performance and interactivity.” Officially, the new PS5 VR experience is called the PlayStation VR2, or PS VR2 for short. Sony will be shipping the headset with a higher resolution, wider FoV, DualSense-inspired controllers called PlayStation VR2 Sense, and a single-cable connector.

What is PS VR2?

(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Divinemercy)

So far, Sony has announced the PS VR2 in a strangely piecemeal way. The first PS VR2 announcement was a bit light on details, but the reveal of the PS5 VR controllers gave us a much better look at what to expect from Sony’s second-generation VR system, and the CES 2022 PS VR2 announcement finally gave us a proper name and specs for both the headset and controllers.