August 17, 2022

I recently got my hands on the LEGO Tallneck set, a collaboration between LEGO and PlayStation that brings one of the most iconic machines in Horizon to LEGO form. It’s a great set and I had fun putting it together (something I haven’t done in years) but it also made me realize that I want to see even more of these kinds of sets from LEGO and PlayStation. 

The world of Horizon is a natural choice, with a long list of machines in Horizon Forbidden West to pull from alongside a wide range of gorgeous post-apocalyptic environments. It’s also one of Sony’s biggest mainline gaming franchises that’s rated T, so a tie-in makes more sense than many other games, as it’s more approachable for a wider audience. 

With the kind of detail that was put into the Tallneck set, I can only imagine how cool it would be to see other similar sets based on machines like the Clawstrider, Thunderjaw, Tremortusk, Shellsnapper, or even my personal new favorite, the Slaughterspine. The sheer variety and designs are ripe with potential, and each one could bundle in a “tiny” machine like with the Watcher that’s included alongside the Tallneck. 

(Image credit: Samuel Tolbert / Divinemercy)

But that’s just the start. I’d love to see other PlayStation-themed LEGO sets in the future. Ratchet and Clank is full of wacky guns, zany worlds, ridiculous monsters, and massive robot enemies, while still being appropriate for a younger audience that many of PlayStation’s blockbuster games. It’s practically built to be adapted as LEGO sets.