July 4, 2022

What you need to know:

  • Quest v41 is rolling out to Quest users now. The update’s largely centered around Horizon Worlds and Parental Controls for Quest devices.
  • With v41, users will be able to invite their friends into their Horizon Home, aka the Quest 2’s main menu.
  • The parental controls and supervision tools that Meta outlined in March are now available on Quest. Meta’s also launched a “Parent Education Hub” to help get parents up-to-speed on what the Quest’s parental controls do.

Meta released an Oculus blog post detailing Quest update v41, which is rolling out to Quest users starting today. The update adds a number of new features to the Quest’s suite of parental controls and its multiplayer functionality.

Last year, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg outlined the company’s vision for the Metaverse, which hinged largely on the Quest 2’s ability to connect users through the Horizon Home. Billed by Meta as users’ “gateway to the Metaverse,” it’s functionally the same Quest home menu as before, only now users are able to invite their friends into the environment.