August 17, 2022

Both carriers offer great value on prepaid plans. With the T-Mobile network powering both, the biggest difference will be how much data you need and how many months of service you’re willing to buy. Ultra Mobile has a wider range of plans and will likely have something that works for any user, but Mint Mobile seems to hit the mark for what the average smartphone user needs. Mint Mobile also gets the price right if you’re willing to buy a few months upfront.

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Mint Mobile vs. Ultra Mobile: How much data do you need?

Mint Mobile shares a lot in common with Ultra Mobile, and that’s no surprise considering that Ultra Mobile is Mint Mobile’s parent company. Both carriers even use the name Ultra in their APN settings. Because of this, you can expect network performance to be largely the same. The big difference comes down to the plans. While Mint Mobile only offers plans for a minimum of three months, Ultra Mobile has single-month and multi-month plans.

Mint Mobile Ultra Mobile
Network T-Mobile T-Mobile
Hotspot data Included with all plans
5GB limit on unlimited plan
Included with all data plans
10GB or 20GB limit on unlimited plan
5G Included Included
Minimum term 3 months 1 month
Maximum term 12 months 12 months