July 1, 2022

Update (April 25, 12 pm ET): Meta confirms the website rebrand as well as a new retail store launch in Burlingame, California.

What you need to know

  • Visiting Oculus.com now redirects to the Meta/Facebook store page instead.
  • Oculus accounts and orders placed before April 25, 2022 are still handled through the old Oculus store via dedicated store links.
  • Meta continues to remove the Oculus branding from all places it’s mentioned in, including Oculus logos mostly being replaced on new Quest 2 headsets.
  • Meta is also opening a new retail store on May 9th where Meta products can be tried firsthand.

Folks visiting the Oculus website will be greeted with a very different store landing page, starting today, April 25, 2022. Oculus.com now automatically redirects to store.facebook.com, featuring only Meta names and logos throughout the page. In fact, clicking on your Facebook icon on the top right lets you know that you’ll need to visit the Oculus profile page to manage your Oculus account settings and view Oculus orders placed before April 25, 2022.