July 4, 2022

VR continues to break records as Meta’s Quest 2 headset leads the pack, now eclipsing the 14.8 million units sold mark according to new data provided by the International Data Corporation, or IDC for short. That same report shows that VR sales grew 97% in 2021, with Q1 2022 bringing that number up to a whopping 242% growth.

IDC associate vice president Francisco Jeronimo tweeted (opens in new tab) the numbers out, highlighting the fact that the headset formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2 (opens in new tab) is the most successful VR headset in history by quite a wide margin. Comparatively, the next closest best-selling VR headset is the original PSVR, which clocks in at around 6 million units sold to date since its 2016 launch. The Quest 2, by comparison, launched in October 2020.