June 25, 2022

VRR, or Variable Refresh Rate, is finally coming to PlayStation 5 consoles. The feature was widely requested for a long time and Sony’s engineers have finally upgraded the system, allowing it to take advantage of this new technology. 

Using VRR on PS5 means that a game’s framerate will be smoother in practice than it actually is, but there’s a lot of tricky things to figure out in order to best use this feature. We’ve compiled the official list of PS5 games with VRR support, as well as other things you should know about this awesome-yet-still-early technology. 

List of PS5 games with VRR support

(Image credit: PlayStation)

Sony has shared an official list of games that are guaranteed to have patched support (or will be getting patched support shortly) to ensure VRR works correctly. We expect this list to grow over time, and we’ll keep it updated whenever a patch for a game is verified.