August 14, 2022

What you need to know

  • NVIDIA rolls out the Experience Upgrade program for its SHIELD TV models.
  • It brings a new auto-low latency mode for gaming.
  • The other nifty options comprise Night listening mode for audio and several bug fixes.

NVIDIA has brought in some serious updates to its SHIElD TVs this Thursday. The SHIELD Experience Upgrade has started to roll out from the SHIELD and its Pro units. The new update includes an auto low latency mode that automatically enables game mode on supported TVs.

In a GeForce forum post, NVIDIA released the changelog coming with the new SHIELD Experience Upgrade 9.1, including bug fixes. The significant enhancements include support for auto low latency mode (ALLM) next to the night listening mode. The former is said to be making SHIELD TVs switch to ALLM to game mode during gameplay or video conferencing while automatically reverting to default or previous settings when streaming TV shows or playing movies.