July 1, 2022

What you need to know

  • In Death: Unchained is getting a new limited-time Demonic Trials event on May 24th.
  • A fan replied to the announcement on Twitter, asking if the game would be coming to PS VR2.
  • Superbright responded with a tease that its medieval arcade shooter might show up on Sony’s next headset.

Superbright, the developer behind In Death: Unchained, took to Twitter to announce that its acclaimed arcade archery shooter was getting an in-game event that will begin on May 24.

The latest event in a series of updates, called the Demonic Trials, will shake things up by introducing new rules and mechanics to In Death: Unchained’s core loop. Superbright says that the event will feature 3 Demonic Sigils, which are runes that will change the existing game rules and provide new challenges for players to help shake things up.