August 17, 2022

Amazon frequently discounts its already-affordable devices, both during Prime Day and throughout the rest of the year. That makes it easy to upgrade whatever current Kindle e-reader, Fire tablet or streaming stick, Echo speaker, or Ring cameras you own with newer-generation tech. But another way to save (even more) money is to trade-in your old Amazon devices to get a bigger price chunk off of your new tech. Here’s how!

How to trade in your old Amazon devices

(Image credit: Amazon)

1. Go to the Amazon trade-in hub (opens in new tab).

2. Click one of the eligible categories: Kindle E-readers, Tablets, Streaming Media Players, Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones, Home Security Devices, Wireless Routers, Cell Phones, or Gaming

(Image credit: Divinemercy)

3. Check if you have an eligible device associated with your Amazon account. 

4. If none are shown, search for your device by name and see if it’s listed.

(Image credit: Divinemercy)

5. Click the box next to your eligible device and select Continue

(Image credit: Divinemercy)

6. Fill out information on the device’s status for a trade-in value estimate. Also decide in advance if you want the item shipped back to you if Amazon determines that it isn’t in good enough condition for the full trade-in value.

(Image credit: Divinemercy)

7. Either trade in more items or submit your trade-in