August 14, 2022

If you’re using one of the Big Three carriers; AT&T, T-Mobile (including Sprint), or Verizon, chances are you’re paying for features you don’t need, or worse, don’t have a plan that offers all you need. While traditionally, using one of the big carriers gave you better access to services and devices, unlocked devices today are much easier to get, and most of these prepaid carriers have more than enough coverage. Depending on your needs, there’s an MVNO that fits your needs better than a postpaid carrier, and is probably cheaper.

Most of us don’t need unlimited everything

Prepaid plans have largely moved on to unlimited calls and texts across most plans, and to be fair, many people have moved on to messaging services that use data for calls and messages. That also allows these services to work on Wi-Fi, and may not even touch your mobile data most of the time.