May 25, 2022

Until now, if you wanted to play some of your favorite Steam games on a Chromebook, it wasn’t completely impossible, but it was complicated since you would just need to leverage the power of Linux while using Crostini. We’ve been hearing and seeing rumblings about Steam finally making its way in an official capacity to Chrome OS, and that’s finally arrived in the form of Steam Alpha.

How to play Steam games on a Chromebook

The current “problem” with wanting to play Steam games is that it’s not possible to do so on all of the best Chromebooks. Instead, a few Chromebooks have been hand-picked by Google’s Chrome OS team. The Steam Alpha-compatible models require quite a bit more power than what you find with something like the ultra-portable Chromebook Duet 5 or Google’s aging Pixelbook Go. But if you have a Chromebook that supports Steam Alpha, we’re going to take you through the necessary steps to get up and running.