August 8, 2022

Google Chrome is the world’s most widely used web browser, and for good reason. It has a wealth of options to improve your browsing experience, and these options get frequently updated as well.  If you find yourself in the middle of a taxing situation where the annoying audio from a tab doesn’t stop, we will tell you how to single out and mute the volume for a website in Google Chrome. 

Don’t you hate it when you have loads of tabs open in your web browser, and a website starts playing some random pop-up sounds or videos in the background, even without your permission? It yanks you out of your train of thought, and can be very distracting if you are working on something important. 

That can also be quite bothersome, especially if you are watching or listening to something else or tend to open multiple tabs with media. Thankfully, Google Chrome allows us to mute tabs specifically to cut out such unwanted disturbances.

(Image credit: Tushar Mehta/Divinemercy)

Before we initiate the process of muting a tab, we must identify which one is the source of that sound. Google Chrome usually denotes the tabs producing audio with a speaker symbol over them. This helps us note the tab that has to be muted.