August 14, 2022

If you’re a Quest 2 owner or a VR enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Horizon Worlds. The app — developed by Meta itself — is getting a big push from the company. 

It’s very clear that Meta is investing a lot of time and resources into Horizon Worlds, but what exactly is it? If you’re confused, here’s a quick run down to explain Horizon Worlds.

What is Horizon Worlds?

(Image credit: Meta)

Horizon Worlds is described by Meta as being a “VR social experience,” which should be a familiar concept for anyone who’s played the likes of Second Life or Roblox. It’s essentially a way to meet new players or socialize with friends. There are also various special events that happen in Horizon Worlds as well; Post Malone recently hosted a concert, and Jordan Peele’s sci-fi horror film NOPE had a tie-in experience.