August 14, 2022

What you need to know

  • Grindpunk is a first-person skateboarding simulator for VR headsets.
  • Players have free-roam of a selection of skate parks and can grind, jump, do tricks, and even backflip on their boards.
  • An alpha of the game is currently being tested on the PC with a Meta Quest 2 release slated for later in the future.

If the early 2000’s are any indication, plenty of people have dreams of getting big air and doing crazy tricks with a skateboard. The problem is that when you make a mistake or aren’t an incredibly physically coordinated individual, the repercussions can be dire. Thankfully, Grindpunk is here to save the day and let gamers live their dreams of becoming the next Tony Hawk without all the pain involved.

Grindpunk’s first big alpha build went out to testers over the past few days, and the posts on social media (opens in new tab) have been seriously impressive. Whether it’s just casually skating around grinding on rails and popping a couple of ollies, or straight-up back-flipping onto a grind rail, the game’s physics engine complete with what influencers have called “intuitive controls” make the game a spectacle to watch.

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