July 1, 2022

 What you need to know

  • Google is launching its first developer preview for Privacy Sandbox on Android. 
  • The preview will include the new Topics API and SDK Runtime.
  • The Privacy Sandbox preview is intended for developers and will be available via manual install only. 

Google’s first major Privacy Sandbox proposal may not have gone too well, but the company is going full steam ahead with its next proposal. Google is releasing its first developer preview of the Privacy Sandbox on Android, which will include its new Topics API.

For the uninitiated, the Topics API is Google’s latest privacy initiative to replace the privacy-invading cookies. It works by collecting various topics you’re interested in based on your browsing activity and keeping a list on your browser. Advertisers can access this list to know what kind of ads to target. However, the websites you visit won’t be shared, and users can edit their topics or turn them off altogether.