August 8, 2022

What you need to know

  • Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative could not launch fully till 2024.
  • The tool to block third-party cookies needs more time, Google clarifies.
  • Developers can begin testing the APIs starting this week.

The Privacy Sandbox from Google is the company’s effort to block third-party cookies on Chrome. Intending to build a private web, the search giant first introduced this concept in 2019. A year after, it announced that it plans to take it live by 2022. And, here we are in 2022, where Google is still seen illustrating its plans on testing and making the Privacy Sandbox available for the web by 2024.

In a new blog post, Google says it has been releasing trial versions of new Privacy Sandbox APIs in the Chrome browser to developers for testing purposes. The processes included refining design proposals on inputs from the developers’ community, publishers, marketers, and regulators through forums like W3C.