June 28, 2022

What you need to know

  • Google is announcing new features coming to Chrome, powered by Machine Learning. 
  • Safe Browsing in Chrome now uses an ML model that is capable of identifying 2.5x more malicious sites.
  • In Chrome M102, ML could automatically block notification requests from websites based on your usage.

When you take a look at the tech space around you, there are mentions of Machine Learning and AI cropping up everywhere. Not only does this improve the technology that you use on a daily basis, but there’s been a bit of a shift as our smartphone chips are powerful enough to perform these calculations on devices.

The benefit of having on-device Machine Learning is to keep your data and information as private and secure as possible while providing the best results quickly. Google has been leading the way in this area, as the company is constantly providing updates to how ML on your phone will provide a better experience, and that is now extending even further.