August 14, 2022

What you need to know

  • Google released a trifecta of updates for Maps.
  • Google Maps gains a new immersive for users to “visit” a landmark on their phone through photorealistic aerial views.
  • Biking routes are set to gain more information in the coming weeks, such as route details and what obstacles may be in your way.
  • The share location feature will allow a person to set a notification that lets them know when their loved one has arrived at a set destination.

Google Maps hits a triple with its recent updates to better improve share location and more information while traveling throughout the year. A lot of people travel during the summer, and Google’s recent launch of a few updates to Maps aims to make it a little easier. Today, Google brought features that improve its immersive view, biking route information, and location sharing.

(Image credit: Google)

The first new feature aims to help users “experience global landmarks in a whole new way,” thanks to Google’s new immersive view announced at I/O. According to the company, it brings “photorealistic aerial views of nearly 100 of the world’s most popular landmarks.” The imaging, powered by AI using street views and other aerial imaging, should give people a good look at a landmark on their phone without ever needing to physically be there. Google is looking at this to help people determine whether or not their next trip should land them there.