June 28, 2022

What you need to know

  • Google introduces new LGBTQ+ attributes for businesses.
  • A merchant owner can now showcase their business as LGBTQ+ friendly place with new attributes.
  • Businesses with verified profiles can add new attributes to their profiles in addition to other attributes.

Google announced the launch of a new LGBTQ+ owned attribute that will soon appear on Search and Maps for business owners in the U.S. The aim here is to help users better understand neighborhoods and get an idea of the community 

Starting Wednesday, to make this process more straightforward and hassle-free, businesses in the U.S. with a verified business profile will be able to add the LGBTQ+ owned attribute to their profile. It is relatively similar to other current attributes that the search giant provides, like Black-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned. Google has a separate support page guiding businesses on how to add the attributes.

Upon adding the attributes to the merchant profiles, users will be able to more easily identify LGBTQ+ safe spaces.

(Image credit: Google)

The new LGBTQ+-owned badge can be included amongst other attributes on a business profile. So a business owned by women can also have the LGBTQ+ attribute, adding to a business’s identity.