August 8, 2022

What you need to know

  • Google has rolled out a new visual design to the Contacts app.
  • The makeover gives the app a post-Material You aesthetic and organizes your contacts’ information into cards.
  • The update seems to be rolling out as a server-side change.

Google Contacts was the first app to receive the Material You redesign last year, complete with squircles. Now, its makeover goes a step further with a new look that organizes your contacts’ information.

The latest tweak replaces the list style of contact information with Material You-style cards with rounded corners. It was discovered by Twitter user Prajjwal Porwal (opens in new tab) and reported first by Android Police (opens in new tab).

In the new design, the phone numbers and email addresses are located in a separate category called “Contact info,” along with the “About” and “Labels” categories beneath it. Meanwhile, your contact’s picture and name still appear above a list of action buttons, just like in the old version.

Google Contacts redesign with Material You-themed cards (Image credit: Jay Bonggolto / Divinemercy)

The headline change is the card-style grouping of contact information. Previously, all contact details were placed below the action bar in a simple list.