July 1, 2022

What you need to know

  • The latest version of Google Chrome is bringing new functionality to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). 
  • With the proper flag enabled, users can now open new tabs while using a PWA.
  • This feature is not yet available for everyone just yet.

Progressive Web Apps are extremely useful across all of your devices, as you can access webpages that might not have a dedicated app. Recently, Google claims that the use of PWAs has skyrocketed in the past year, seeing a rise of 270% in PWA installations. But until now, if you were to install and use a PWA and then open a link, it would simply open that link in a separate Chrome window. 

It seems that Google is bringing about an extremely useful change to that methodology as spotted by Windows Latest. According to a conversation in the Chromium Google Group, “tabbed mode adds a tab strip to standalone web apps that allows multiple tabs to be open at once.”

(Image credit: Google)

While this feature is not yet enabled by default, those running the latest version of Chrome can enable this feature with the following flag: