August 8, 2022

What you need to know

  • Google CameraX is a developer tool that can be used to enhance camera quality within apps.
  • Google’s latest update for the tool provides better quality video capture and support for advanced features like HDR video.
  • Google is rolling out a new baseline profile so even entry-level phones can get quality features like portrait mode and night mode.

Have you ever opened an app that uses your phone’s camera and wondered why the quality looked so poor? Oftentimes, it’s because app developers don’t have access to good tools that allow them to take advantage of the camera hardware in many Android phones. That could soon change with the launch of a new version of CameraX, a Jetpack library that developers can use to ensure that even entry-level phones will deliver the consistent camera quality that users expect.

Announced in a developer session at Google I/O 2022, Google developed CameraX to provide a baseline for developers to use while developing apps that use an Android device’s camera. That means that no matter if users have one of the best Android phones or just an entry-level device, those users can expect the camera quality in apps to look as good as what comes out of the device’s camera software.