August 17, 2022

What you need to know

  • Google introduced a new user interface to share work locations last month.
  • The feature has started rolling out to Google Workspace Business users.
  • The ability to share location was first introduced by Google last year.

In May this year, Google Calendar was introduced with a new user interface for sharing your work location within the app. The ability to share location in the calendar app first came to light in August last year. It meant to make coworkers aware, whether you were working from home or office — the hybrid work culture that arrived amidst the pandemic. The new user interface announced last month has now started showing up to Google Workspace Business users, among others, by default.

In an accompanying blog post, Google has officially confirmed that in its Calendar app, users would be able to set their working location by default. This lets them reduce a step in enabling the Calendar app’s settings feature. The said ‘Working Location’ option will be enabled by default if you use the Google Calendar for your typical work scenarios. Unless an Admin manages it, and the person chooses to turn it off completely. 

(Image credit: Google)

Last month, the announcement from Google mentioned that this new update makes people utilize screen space more efficiently. It provides the same capability for merely inputting and updating location information in a more condensed manner.