July 4, 2022

What you need to know

  • Google Calendar now has a new email invite interface with a more modern look.
  • In the new design, actionable buttons are more prominent than in the previous one.
  • If some details have changed, you can also see updates to an invite with additional context.

You might be one of those people who rarely use Google Calendar to check an invite for an event you don’t want to miss because email notifications are simply more convenient. The latter experience is now getting a nifty improvement.

Google announced this week (opens in new tab) that Calendar invites via email will have a more modern look and useful interface. It now displays important details and actionable buttons more prominently than the previous layout.

The new invite UI is divided into two columns, as shown in the screenshot below. The invite description, event date, and list of guests all appear in the left column. On the right, you’ll find information about the agenda, which remains where it is typically located, as well as information on how to join a meeting. The Google Meet button, in particular, is more visible and accessible than before.

(Image credit: Google)

You’ll also be able to see and download attachments, if any exist, more quickly. This isn’t something you’d see upfront in the old design.