August 8, 2022

What you need to know

  • Google has begun rolling out its integrated view for Gmail.
  • The update will allow users to customize their experience while also adding apps like Chat, Spaces, and Meet to Gmail for easier access.
  • Chat will see some new features, such as chat bubbles and a quick reply function.
  • Users should see these updates come in the weeks ahead as Google rolls it out, but tablets will have to wait a little longer for a refined experience.

Google has brought in some updates to Gmail that should integrate with Meet, Chat, and Spaces.

Google’s new update, unveiled earlier this year, seeks to provide an easy viewing experience across a few apps while never leaving Gmail. The company’s new integrated Gmail experience begins with its Quick Settings. The gear icon at the top right will give users the option to customize what apps they’d like to appear in the new left sidebar. Google allows users to stick with Gmail as their primary experience or toss in Chat, Spaces, and Meet for easier access to these services.