August 8, 2022

Prime Day 2022 hasn’t even kicked off yet and we’re already seeing some amazing price drops from Amazon. Take this last-gen Alexa speaker for instance. You can get your hands on the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for 55% off right now, bringing down the cost price to a mere $17.99 (opens in new tab).

Amazon’s splendid little Alexa-enabled speaker fits well into any home. It’s affordable enough already and features a minimalist design. 2018’s Echo Dot (3rd Gen) can be placed anywhere, be it a flat surface or mounted on a wall. The last part is something you can’t do with the Echo Dot (4th Gen) even, since its rotund form factor isn’t wall-mountable. Thanks to its tiny footprint, the older Echo Dot is less noticeable and fits in any cramped space. You can hook it up to other smart devices in your house and enjoy hands-free control over them.