August 8, 2022

Finger Gun prides itself on being the first game to answer the question, “What if making a finger gun let you shoot bullets from your fingertips?” Playing it made me ask if a game should let you do that. That’s not because I don’t think it sounds fun, but Finger Gun is held back by hand-tracking technology that isn’t yet up-to-snuff.

Finger Gun didn’t feel much different than most other shooters on Quest beyond its initially satisfying hook. Its rootin’-tootin’ Old-West-presentation is comically bent around its core gameplay loop: shooting steampunk robots with your fingers. Which often leads to cheeky visual gags and writing bits that warrant a chuckle, like enemy robots occasionally wearing bowler hats, or a wise crack made at your expense by the mad-scientist-meets-prospector who gives you the tools to blast the bots.