June 28, 2022

What you need to know

  • Facebook is discontinuing location-based features, such as Nearby Friends and weather updates.
  • The social media platform will stop collecting location data associated with these features.on May 31.
  • You can download your location history before August 1, after which any stored information will be removed.

Facebook introduced Nearby Friends back in 2014 to let users share their real-time location in exchange for the ability to see if any of their virtual friends were in the vicinity. After eight years, the company, now known as Meta, is discontinuing the feature, as well as other location-tracking services.

The Meta-owned service has declared via emails and News Feed notifications that it is discontinuing Facebook’s features that collect your current location data (via 9to5Mac). In addition to Nearby Friends, these features include weather alerts, location history, and background location.