July 1, 2022

Google announced that its Stadia video game streaming service would be available for more Android TV devices. Before, people who wanted to stream games from the cloud to their televisions needed the aging Chromecast Ultra. While the Chromecast Ultra worked well and was bundled with the Stadia Controller, it was the only option to play Stadia games on the television. Here is a list of every Android TV device that supports Stadia.

That’s not all

There are a few more official Stadia supported devices that are available outside North America. Philips has expanded its Stadia-supported lineup to include its Android TVs from 2019 (7304 and higher) and 2020 (8505 and higher), but are sold in regional retailers in Europe and Asia. Panasonic has its JX800 series of TVs and Sharp has its Aquos line (EQ, EP, EL, EN series) which is also sold in Europe. There’s also the MagentaTV One and Nokia Streaming Box 8000, but both are sold in Germany.