July 4, 2022

Diablo Immortal operates mainly like any other Diablo title, and that’s especially true when it comes to the aspect of grinding through levels. With a level cap of 60 set in Immortal, players will find that they zoom through the early levels, but begin to hit a wall around the 30s and start leveling a bit slower. As you make your way through the latest stages of the game, you’ll need to implement a few new routines in order to make sure you reach the endgame of Diablo Immortal faster. 

We have a few tips on how to earn XP faster for both new and returning Diablo Immortal players after our own experience with the game. Hopefully, these make your time with the game more enjoyable, and makes your time in the game even more enjoyable.

Don’t stay in one zone too long

(Image credit: Blizzard)

While this may sound counterintuitive, it does make sense once you get into the game. Early on, you’ll be tossed into some relatively big maps as you begin to progress through Diablo Immortal. However, while it may be tempting to stay in starting areas and clear out mobs and hidden areas, you’re only going to slow yourself down doing that.