August 14, 2022

What you need to know

  • Dbrand released a new phone skin and case called “Something.”
  • The new phone skin looks extremely similar to the Nothing phone (1) which Dbrand has made clear they know.
  • Dbrand also makes clear that it did not “steal” anything, it’s only “creatively reinterpreted” a design.

Dbrand can come with products that show greatness and include a joke in one breath. Its latest release is the “Something” skin and it is strikingly similar to the Nothing phone (1) (opens in new tab).

The skin and case creator company’s tagline for this new Something skin is: “it’s better than nothing.” This is very clearly a direct jab at the Nothing phone (1) and they continue this trend by stepping on some of the phone’s shortcomings. 

The skin’s page (opens in new tab) features a couple of short blurbs to pique one’s interest in the new product. Dbrand begins the round with, “imagine trying to break into the smartphone market. Turns out, having less money than Apple makes it a little difficult.” Dbrand is nothing if not a company with its finger on the pulse. It is also acutely aware of why the Nothing phone (1) isn’t coming to the U.S. (opens in new tab)

(Image credit: Dbrand)

Dbrand’s Something skin is available for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Pixel 6 Pro, and Galaxy S22 Ultra. So, they’ve hit some of the best smartphones (opens in new tab) with this skin, or case, product. Comparing the look of Dbrand’s skin and the Nothing phone (1), one would see a striking resemblance – and they’ve shown they know it.

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