August 8, 2022

What you need to know

  •  Chromebooks gaining a ‘Game Mode’ with support for Android games.
  •  Google looks to bring more full screen Android gaming experiences.
  •  Early tests indicate that Chrome OS could be the one struggling.

Recent findings have pointed in the direction of Chromebooks gaining their own “Game Mode” for Android games. We last talked about Google launching a “Game Mode” alongside Steam for ChromeOS over a year ago. The recent findings build upon those initial aspirations and are looking to crack down on some worrisome issues.

With this new feature, as reported by ChromeUnboxed, Chromebooks could enhance how you play mobile games on larger screens. This new feature for Google’s OS is still in its early stages as testing proceeds. Google is setting its sights on supporting those Android games after the work it did with Steam, codenamed: Borealis, got underway smoothly and is currently in Alpha on some of the best Chromebooks.