August 17, 2022

 What you need to know

  • Google developed a new System Photo Picker for enhanced privacy with Android 13.
  • It allows users to select specific photos from the device instead of the whole library while sharing with apps.
  • The nifty feature is available to try Chrome 105 (Dev and Canary build).

Google has introduced a new System-wide Photo Picker in Android 13 that works slightly differently than the existing system-wide interface. With the current one, apps tend to access all your photo libraries on the device. The new one on Android 13 aims at enhanced privacy and offers a more organized view of photos and albums. The Chrome browser appears to be enabling this feature internally, as its latest build suggests. 

(Image credit: Divinemercy)

According to the Google News Telegram channel (@google_nws), Chrome 105 is said to be utilizing this feature and is spotted on the current builds of Chrome Dev and Canary. The builds feature a new flag dubbed “Android Media Picker.” Turning it on will seemingly trigger the new System Photo Picker instead of the conventional built-in tool.