August 17, 2022

There is no shortage of quality Google Pixel 6 cases, but they can cost a pretty penny. Otterbox ranks way up there at the top with the best case makers, but so do the brand’s prices. Fortunately, this Prime Day deal hacks away at the regular prices to give you 30% off the Otterbox Defender Series (opens in new tab) and Symmetry Clear Series.

You can earn major savings on cases for the Pixel 6 Pro as well as covers for the Pixel 6. The Otterbox Symmetry Clear Series features two cases for the Pixel 6 series. The first is a simple transparent cover, while the second is a glittery see-through case for your Google phone. If you love the bold design of your Pixel 6 and like to admire it throughout the day, the Otterbox Symmetry Clear Series is perfect for your needs.