July 4, 2022

Super Evil Megacorp created one of the very first MOBAs developed specifically for mobile in 2014 with Vainglory, and now the studio is looking to take what it’s learned and create an even better experience with Catalyst Black, its upcoming battleground shooter set to release on Android on May 25. 

Its surely aiming to take on the likes of the best Android games out there, but only time will tell if it can deliver. The team at Super Evil Megacorp has high hopes, though.

I recently viewed a hands-off demo and spoke with Super Evil Megacorp co-founder Q. Wang, CEO Kristian Segerstrale, and general manager Ian Fielding about the creation of Catalyst Black and their hopes for its future. 

(Image credit: Super Evil Megacorp)

All of them expressed how Catalyst Black was built with the idea in mind that mobile gamers should be treated the same as console and PC gamers, not inferior to them. Catalyst Black aims to deliver a triple-A experience on Android and iOS. While it’s a nice marketing term to use, I asked the team what that actually meant in practice.