August 14, 2022

When weighing the Blink Mini versus the Blink Indoor security cameras, you’ll find two sibling designs with more in common than not. The new Blink Indoor has a two-year battery life and a mounting kit while the Mini has a Micro-USB charging cable and stand, but the specs, storage options, and even the weight are identical. While the Blink Mini costs less for nearly the same tech, the new Blink Indoor has some key improvements that may make it worth the extra cost.

Both the Blink Mini and the Blink Indoor can be mounted, but the Mini will have its power cord trailing from it to the nearest power outlet, which may look unsightly and more importantly makes it more noticeable. Conversely, both cameras can technically sit on a stand, but only the Mini ships with one, so it’s simpler to stick it on a shelf without worrying about mounting it on a wall.