July 4, 2022

If you’re choosing an Android smartwatch that’ll integrate well with your phone, it makes sense to start your search with Wear OS watches, especially those that have or will receive the new Wear OS 3. If you want to enjoy the new platform now, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 might be the best Wear OS watch — at least until the Pixel Watch arrives to complicate things. Until then, here are our top selections.

(Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Divinemercy)

Best overall

Reasons to avoid

Not your typical Wear OS experience

Gesture navigation isn’t always reliable

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 remains the only watch that runs Wear OS 3, more than a year after Google and Samsung co-announced the new watch OS in spring 2021. In theory, other watches on this list will receive it soon, and the Pixel Watch obviously will this fall. But right at this moment, it’s the only watch that isn’t stuck in the past, waiting for that crucial update.