July 4, 2022

While manufacturers are making sure to cut off all cords as part of their increased focus on wireless earbuds, it doesn’t mean wired connections aren’t an option. Bluetooth headphones are great, but if you’d rather do without the latency and charging process, some of the best USB-C headphones are a great alternative to both. Just plug and play — and that’s it.

If you have to, get in on USB-C

USB-C audio isn’t as prevalent in 2022 as you might think, despite the headphone jack having already become increasingly harder to find on mobile devices. A few stick to the 3.5mm jack, but wireless headphones and wireless earbuds are the ongoing trend. It’s just that Bluetooth can introduce latency, which may be fine if your phone can fill the gap on YouTube videos and streaming music, but not for gaming or live TV. That’s where you can’t compensate for latency unless you plug in.